Walking / Cycling to Meckin Kamen

Walking tour from h.Montana Palace to Meckin Kamen.

Basic info

Length: 8,2 km

Duration: 2:05h (walking + ~30 min. rest)

Elevation: +/- 250 m (lowest point at 1217 m / highest point at 1463 m)

Difficulty: Easy


Meckin Kamen is the most important historical landmark of Krushevo, marking the site where one of the key battles took place during the Ilinden uprising. The uprising was the most organized of the series of Balkan rebellions against Ottoman rule, and as a result, the Krushevo Republic was born. The uprising was ultimately unsuccessful, and the Krushevo Republic existed for only ten days. Meckin Kamen is the site of the rebels’ last stand, and serves as a symbol of the Macedonian national awakening. The trail is not physically demanding, and Meckin Kamen is a nice place for a picnic on a sunny day, as the trail is well shaded and there is a nice view of the Pelagonia plains to the east. Just follow the red and white marks.



8.2 km, 02:27:42

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