Walking / Cycling to lift station

Walking tour from h.Montana Palace to the lift station.

Basic info

Length: 5 km

Duration: 1:36h (walking + ~30 min. rest)

Elevation: +/- 200 m (lowest point at 1217 m / highest point at 1410 m)

Difficulty: Easy


This trail starts near hotel Montana and goes into a beech forest.

After walking through the forest for about 10 minutes, a meadow will open up in front of you, offering some lovely views of the Pelister and Galichica national parks in the distance. Soon the path forks in two - follow the left fork until you reach a big fountain.

After passing the fountain and climbing a ridge, you will be treated to a great view from the highest point in the region –the upper lift station. You can see a number of mountain peaks to the south, or continue hiking north for another 30 minutes to reach a lovely little lake. On the way back, you will go down the ridge, and follow a small path into a coniferous forest before coming into town.



5 km, 02:02:07

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