Walking / Cycling to the Cross

Walking tour from h. Montana Palace to the cross.

Basic info

Length: 21 km

Duration: 5:30h walking time + 1:30h rest

Elevation: +/- 400 m (lowest point at 1217 m / highest point at 1600 m)

Difficulty: Easy


If you want to spend the day exploring, this is the trail for you. The Cross that is the destination is dedicated to Toshe Proeski, a beloved Macedonian musician and singer from Krushevo who died in 2007. The trail is technically easy and in its beginning it repeats the trail to the lift station, going up to the upper lift station. Afterwards it follows the ski-way and a dirt road next to the forest. There’s a place where the road divides in two and you have to take the right fork. Soon after that the trail starts to ascend and reaches an asphalt road you have to follow for around 5 min, until you take again a black road at the foot of the hill with the cross. The dirt road goes round and up the hill on the west side.

The track passes by the monastery of St. Preobrazhenie before gradually going around the hill on the east side through a broadleaf forest and reaching the asphalt just under the cross. From that point you follow a dirt road to the Sliva battle monument, surrounded by an evergreen forest. The monument marks the place where, during the days of the Krushevo Republic, 50 revolutionaries made a stand against an Ottoman army of over 3000 men. They managed to secure the retreat of the other fighters, as well as civilians from the villages. The Ottomans were reportedly so impressed by the bravery of the Macedonians that they honored their dead with a riffle salvo–a military gesture of respect. From Sliva the path smoothly descends to the lake and the Makedonium monument, another reminder of the Krushevo Republic and one of the most recognizable structures in Macedonia.



20.8 km, 07:29:33

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