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Religious art tour

Peek in the mysticism of the churches and the Vlach tradition. During the walks you might try a pie that you made with the housewives in the Vlach house.

Tour features

Duration: 3-4 hours

Hotel accommodation: NA

Airport transfers: NA

Guide: Yes

Group sizes: up to 12 persons


Visit the churches of St. Nicholas, St. John and Assumption.

Visit the gallery of icons in the church of St. John.

Visit a Vlach house and tasting traditional food (gingerbread, laptuka, donuts, pie with cabbage, cheese or spinach, buns, pancakes with garlic, yogurt and sheep cheese, lokum, rosehip jam, raspberry jam).

Price and Inclusives

Price per person: Please inquire (price depends on group size)


- Contribution to the local hosts (intended for preservation of the crafts traditions of Krushevo)

- Coffee/tea break and lunch

- Guidance by local guide/translator

Not included:

- Individual expenses