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Car rental

Zastava 750 aka "ficho"

The Zastava 750 (or popularly called "ficho") was a legendary car made by the Serbian car maker Zavod Crvena Zastava in Kragujevac. It was a version of the Fiat 600 made under licence from 1965 till 1985. It can be freely said the the "ficho" was the most popular car ever driven on the roads of Yugoslavia-Macedonia. 

Zastava 101

Zastava 101 is widely known by its nickname "Stojadin". Zastava in late 2007 estimated that the Skala 55 was the world's second most-affordable car at the time. Due to its practicality and robustness, and thanks in no small part to its low price, the Skala 55 continued to sell well in Serbia until the end of production in 2008. 1.273.532 have been built since 1971.


In the middle of the seventies, Zastava management decided to develop a new model, based on FIAT engine. It was styled by Zastava, with help of engineers of the FIAT. It was supposed to be called Zastava 102, but later on in 1981 it was presented as Yugo 45. You will have the pleasure of driving the Yugo in the beautiful countryside of Macedonia.

Please inquire for pricing (depends on your location and duration of rental). 

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